The invite to a meeting.

It all started back in 1999 when I was invited by a friend to one of those meetings, you know the meeting, to be my own boss and recruit many people. Through those times, I took an interest in mastering the success mindset, sales and attraction marketing. I then found a better way to own a business and work from home using the internet.


Took everything I learned and got into internet marketing. I felt that working from home for me was the lifestyle I've always wanted... freedom from traffic jams, no boss and my own home office space.


Wish I knew then what I know now.

Along the way, I learned 5 things that will help you avoid my mistakes so that you can live a lifestyle of freedom and purpose.​​


The first thing is to ignite your passion within. Then learn and master your talents. Choose a mentor to follow and learn from their experiences. Find a mastermind group to keep you accountable and finally have a clear plan for your life.

What I believe.

In my early years of marriage I discovered that creating a solid foundation in God and having strong family ties is more valuable than money. I also know that money can make an impact in the right hands. I believe that God has to come first, family must be second and business has to be third and in this order is how anyone can have a wealthy lifestyle.


My favorite part.
Today, I am very grateful for my lifestyle with my amazing wife and sweet children. I have the privilege to work from home or anywhere there is a wifi hotspot. I work in my own home office and get to play with cool tech gadgets for all my business media.


My favorite parts of my business is speaking events, training workshops and connecting with like minded entrepreneurs.


What I do today.

My work is to help online entrepreneurs build a successful business.

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